Holiday Lights and Luminary Tour Sign-up

The SHNA is planning a fundraising opportunity for the neighborhood. We are planning on replacing the stickers on the sign toppers as they have aged. We also lost our neighborhood sign at the corner of Hixson Pike and Haywood Ave in a hit-and-run sometime this summer. The proceeds will go toward these beautification projects. We are still working on the exact costs of these projects, but our estimate is $1000-$1250. We will also be making a donation to the Rivermont Elementary Snack Pack Program.

Here’s how it works. We will be ordering all the supplies to make luminaries: sand, tea lights, and white paper bags. On Saturday the 15th, you will come pick-up/make your bags. We will determine how many bags you need. At 6:30, you will light your bags every 3 feet lining your property. At 8 pm, you will blow your candles out.

Here’s how you get involved. The cost to participate is a donation between $25-$50. We wanted to make sure everyone could participate at a price that works for your budget. This is one of those events that requires your involvement. We know that there are pockets of the neighborhood where there are a lot of rentals, and we know they may not participate. If you live in one of those areas (we can help you decide based on who signs up) or if you are not interested in participating in the luminaries, you are welcome to make a donation. We will plan on using those donations to help line St. Luke and the pool properties or fill in small gaps. We are also asking that you reach out to your neighbors and encourage them to participate. It will help us tremendously if your entire street bans together in this!

Please use the form below to sign-up for the event. You are welcome to send us a check to

SHNA PO Box 17041 Chattanooga, TN 37415

or pay us via Paypal ***if paying via Paypal, please select send to friends or family***


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